Most definitions found in this glossary are adapted with permission from this text book:

Maheu, M., Whitten, P., & Allen, A. (2001). eHealth, Telehealth & Telemedicine: A Guide to Startup and Success. New York: Jossey-Bass.

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Backbone network

A high-speed, high-capacity transmission facility that interconnects lower-speed distribution channels from smaller branches of the computer or telecommunication network.
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The measure of a communication channel's range of frequencies that a signal occupies. Generally, higher bandwidth carries information faster than lower bandwidth. In an analog transmission, the speed of information transfer increases in terms of megahertz (cycles per second); in digital transmissions, speed is measured in megabits per second (Mbps).
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The scientific measurement and analysis of human biological data using technology. A common application of biometrics is identity authentication performed by verifying retinal or iris scans, fingerprint patterns, DNA sequence characteristics, or voice patterns.
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A binary digit, the basic unit of data used by computers for information storage, transmission, and entry. Represented as off or on by the digits 0 or 1 and grouped into strings of eight bits known as bytes, these units take the place of numbers, letters, and symbols in electronic media.
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Bit depth

The number of colors or pixels of gray supported by a monitor or scanner. Also known as bit resolution or pixel depth.
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Describing telecommunication over a single medium that provides multiple channels of data for high-speed transmission. Also applied to the higher bandwidth that will support real-time, full-motion audioconferencing and videoconferencing.
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Program that runs on a client’s computer and communicates with Internet Web servers by connecting to Web sites and sending information to enable interaction.

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